Hidden Treasure Candle Review

A couple of months ago I ventured further into the world of candles with jewelry in them. As you can see my review of 3-8-1 candles was full of praise and dare I say, worship. You will not see this in my review of hidden treasure candles.
I’d like to start by saying this is my opinion and my experience only. I’m reviewing my purchase and customer service experience only.
So this is the candle. Nothing exciting about the packaging. Reminiscent of Diamond Candles only with a paper like sticker.
x marks the spot. This indicates the placement of the jewelry.
On to the smell.
It’s a strongly scented candle. The throw is good. The scent is artificial. Not a bad smell just doesn’t have that I just smooshed up a big pile of blueberries.
I blew out the candle (afraid to put the plastic type metal lid on for fear of burn or melt). Holy smoky!!! The smoke from the wick was thick and the smell nauseated me. The stench from the wick lingers for quite some time.
Now for the “exciting” part, the moment I hold my breath and pull out my “treasure”…
My breath came out in one giant whoosh. The only thought in my head, sparkly balls.
925 is stamped on the clasp. I’m not sure this is solid 925 silver. The chain was stuck to itself when I removed it from the bag. I assume that is a quality control issue.
It may be “real” but is just plain ugly.
Drum roll please…
Customer service.
I will let the Facebook posts speak for themselves.


Needless to say I do not recommend this company. Purchase with awareness and caution.



12 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure Candle Review

  1. 3-8-1 is a scam she is claiming her $3,000 prize is worth 3,000 when in fact it is worth $179.00 a peice of jewelry is only worth what you pay for it and she bought this september piece for $179.00 so don’t you think it would only be worth it heres the link. shes ripping people off majorly SCAM SCAM SCAM don’t buy shes a fraud3-8-1 is a scam she is claiming her $3,000 prize is worth 3,000 when in fact it is worth $179.00 a peice of jewelry is only worth what you pay for it and she bought this september piece for $179.00 so don’t you think it would only be worth it heres the link. shes ripping people off majorly. SCAM SCAM SCAM don’t buy shes a fraud

    Link removed by author of the blog.

    • First, you need to recognize that your comment isn’t appropriate.
      Second, you need to educate yourself on jewelry sales. Ignorance and rude behavior will not be tolerated on my blog.
      Let me give you a short tutorial so you will not embarrass yourself in the future.

      Wholesale is buying something at a deeply discounted price directly from the manufacturer or the supplier. Almost all jewelry companies that do not make their own jewelry use a wholesaler.
      Once they purchase the jewelry from the wholesaler the jeweler marks the price up to the retail price. Depending on the piece; popularity, style, stones, and metal, the piece can retail anywhere from 100-1000% above the wholesale price.

      Sterling silver key pendant from Tiffany and Co retails at $200. The wholesale price is around $67. The markup is around 300%.

      *** important to note that the company 3-8-1 candles supplied the GIA certification with the prizes. The GIA certification is easily verified.

      Also important to note, the definition of libel.
      A published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.

      Please try Google before you post in the future. Civil suits that a company may bring against you can be costly. Educate yourself to prevent looking foolish and petty in the future.

    • No Samantha, its worth 3,000..thats just not what she bought it for…so whoever gets this beautiful piece gets a 3,000 dollar piece. Boy you are dumb.

  2. I would think HTC would welcome constructive criticism rather than say that anyone making comments will be banned and the comments deleted. Granted there is a difference between bashing the company and making honest comments on the quality of the candle/experience.

  3. TO HTC WHO POST LIES ABOUT OTHER CANDLE COMPANIES: This is an absolutely perfect review of your crappy company. Can’t deal with the truth can you? Really? That’s the retail value, not what the company would pay for it. Do you really think jewelry stores buy their pieces at the same price they sell them for? It’d be ridiculous to expect a company to buy anything at full price, or to sell it for exactly what they paid for it, or less. 381 candles never claimed that they were purchasing the jewelry at that cost, just that that is what it is worth, at least never that I’ve ever seen has that been said.

    Jen Orfanelli…just curious. Since you own Hidden Treasure Candles, and you don’t know how to work the necklaces that customers have coming out of your candles, and they have to explain to you how they work – don’t you think you have better things to do than to bash other companies? Not to mention, the fact that you ban your customers for asking questions about said necklace – call them snobby and childish, and tell them you’re going to sue them.
    3-8-1 Candles is a RETAILER. Do you get mad when you go to Wal Mart and purchase paper towels for $5.00 and Wal Mart bought them for $1.00?

    And really, your company tells your customers that there could be a Tiffany & Co. necklace worth $5, 000 in their candles? BULL! Those necklaces only cost $2, 000. So who’s lying now? And learn how to spell. Seriously. How unprofessional can you be?

    Do you see the “retail value”? There is a difference between retail and wholesale value. If you are going accuse someone of doing unlawful acts, then you need to have some proof of this. This is slander and I hope this company sues you for defamation of character without cause!

    Jen Orfanelli is a co-owner of Hidden Treasure Candles, which is Incorrectly named, they should be Hidden Trash Candles, it’s too bad Jen and her sister are poor business owners who feel the need to pick on someones business who is doing better than theirs.

    Hidden Treasure Candles are sore losers, period. Get over yourselves and act like adults, your business is hemorrhaging customers because your ‘treasures’ are TRASH. Your customer service is horrific, and the minute you get a bad review you block the customer and send your little groupies to bash them. Grow up.

    Sorry to inform you Jen, but Nikki and I went to the same high school. And she sells to me, and I am as you say poor. She is a very wonderful and honest and fair person, She has no need to brain wash people to buy her product. Her product sells itself. What kind of person are you to bash someone, that put her all into starting her own business in this crazy ass economy. I do so hope she sues you, because she does have just cause to do so. I am even gonna recommend a lawyer friend of mine to her. Better your product and you wouldn’t have to bash others, you could stand on your own 2 feet instead riding someones coat tails…

    I bought HTC candle and it had no smell. And I also got the “925” disco ball necklace. And its real “silver” started to flake off the next day. Way to go HTC, lies, lies and more lies. Your candles suck and your jewelry is FAKE but you claim it to be real. Why dont you spend more time consentrating on your failing, awful candle company and less time bashing others. Get a life!

  4. The Piece is valued at almost $3000! Do you honestly think that she is going to go spend almost three grand on a necklace to put in the candle? No she gets the necklace at a discount. We all know that so 381 Candles is NOT a scam. Large amounts of jewelry are purchased so of course they are getting a good deal on them. If you look up the retail price of the necklace she is NOT lying! HTC probably gets their necklaces for less than $179 a necklace.

  5. The X on the side marking where the jewelry is looks like it is made with a marker on a piece of poster board taped on the candle.

  6. I was banned from HTC’s site for asking why reviews were being deleted and didn’t even say anything negative about HTC. Very tacky site and it’s rare that I say a business needs to close because their customer service is so bad… actually I’ve NEVER said that! But this one needs to just go away. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE service!

  7. Much like the personalities of the owners, one is real and one is fake.
    3-8-1 real jewelry. from a genuine person who works hard to please customers — genuine dedication to the crafting of top-notch luxury candles is clearly evident in the quality of the product.

    -HTC has fake jewelry from fake people who lie and try to get success from their inferior quality product using deception.

    Customers who have tried HTC candles have made comments like:
    HTC fake jewelry, HTC corroded jewelry. HTC jewelry green fingers, HTC jewelry scam, Hidden Treasure Candles fake, Hidden Treasure Candles scam.

    However, you constantly see 3-8-1 customers saying things like:
    381 best jewelry candles, 381 real jewelry, 381 real jewelry candles, 381 has genuine jewelry, 381 quality jewelry candles,

    -One has great candles, one has awful candles. These phrases come to mind;

    381 great candles, 381 beautiful candles, 3-8-1 quality candles, 381 highly scented candles

    HTC awful candles. HTC stinky candles. HTC smelly candles. HTC bad scent Hidden Treasure bad candles or even HTC no scent!

    -When one ponders the customer service received at 381 Candles and at Hidden Treasure Candles, this is what comes to mind:

    3-8-1 great service, 3-8-1 great customer care, 381 best service, 381 fast customer service

    Hidden Treasure Candles bad, HTC bad service, Hidden Treasure bad service, HT Candles awful service, HTC poor customer service,

    That is what the REAL customers are saying!

  8. I would Much rather buy a 3-8-1 candle with NO jewelry in it, than a HTC candle WITH jewelry..yes…its that bad!!!

  9. I actually got a decent necklace out of my Hidden treasure candle 🙂 the scent throw sucked, and when I asked why it was so weak she told me that’s why it was on clearance. It would have been nice to know that before I bought it. I would have spent the $5 I saved by purchasing a clearance one on a non-clearance one. Also, my best friend just got her jewelry out of her 381, and it was very child-like. She’s taking it to the jeweler tomorrow so hopefully it’s worth something. The scent throw was amazing though. She said she was going to try a hidden treasure next so we’ll see! I’ve been wearing my necklace from hidden treasures for about 3 weeks and its still beautiful 🙂 maye I was just one of the lucky ones?

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